mirror video image on mobile phone

How can I mirror the real time video playback on my phone when mounting the dashcam in the rear windscreen?

I want to be able to use the 70mai as a rear view (reverse) camera but in order to do so I have to mirror (flip) the image on the phone. 

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    I have the same idea.
    Use KMPlayer from Google Play!
    In the application settings there is a "Mirror mode". It is remembered until it is canceled.

    Application Launch - ... - Open URL -

    Standard video:
    rtsp: //
    video codec H264 (24-bit), 1280x720 (1.78 / 1.78), FPS: 30, ~ 4000 kbps

    Simplified video (for preview)
    rtsp: //
    video codec MJPG (24-bit), 320x184 (1.74 / 1.74), FPS: 30, ~ 4000 kbps

    Write the result!
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