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I have the 70mai Smart Dash Cam and I have the following problem.
I start the camera and the DashCam says "70mai boots up please activate the device by connecting your cellphone".
If I have made the most necessary settings and the camera goes out again , it starts again with the previous set. Then I have to connect to my phone again. All settings are factory default.
In addition it doesn't record automatically when starting again.

Would be nice if someone could help me =)

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    yes, I have the same issue as you. Have you solve this problem already? It seems that nobody answer or help you with that...
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    I have an idea!

    Does the recorder work without power from the car (battery only)?
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    i think internal baterry is gone
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    Please update the firmware to the latest version 1.0.8.
    If this doesn't work, please contact me again.
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  • Dragoon 4 Months+
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    70mai Please update the firmware to the latest version 1.0.8. If this doesn't work, please contact me aga ...
    He says my firmware is up to date.

    Here some more data:

    Device name : 70mai Smart Dash Cam-04f4
    Device model : Midrive D01
    Firmware : 1.0.7.ww

    Can I update manually?
    If so, how?

    Thank you in advance.
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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Dragoon He says my firmware is up to date. Here some more data: Device name : 70mai Smart Dash Cam-04f ...
    Please try to update by this way.
    This is update mothed:
    This is firmware:
    If this doesn't work, please contact me again.
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