Restart unexpectedly New firmware 1.0.5na Update problem

I have updated the firmware 1.0.5na. The procedure was successful. Unfortunately (sometimes) I noticed that after about 30 minutes of travel, the dashcam restarts unexpectedly ... immediately afterwards it starts working regularly. What is it caused by?

最后于 6 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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  • Ikkie 6 Months+
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    I have noticed the same issue recently
    6 Months+
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    Same issue here.  it seems to be exactly 30 minutes after starting and then every 30 minutes it does a reset.

    Any ideas 70mai?
    6 Months+
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    I have the same problem. Have any of you managed to fix it?
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  • Thanapon Sukmak 4 Days+
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    Same here
    4 Days+
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