DVR Smart Dash Cam = IP CAM

Once connected to a WiFi DVR, you can open a video stream in the player that supports streaming video: VLC player, POT player, etc.

Now, without using the application, you can open the IP camera on your phone or computer via links. There are 2 links that differ in resolution and video codec H264 / MJPG:

Standard video:


video codec H264 (24-bit), 1280x720 (1.78/1.78), FPS: 30, ~4000 kbps

Simplified video (for preview)


video codec MJPG (24-bit), 320x184 (1.74/1.74), FPS: 30, ~4000 kbps

I use a VLC player, it has the ability to create a floating video window. You can use the functions of the phone and watch the camera at the same time. This is convenient when the DVR is installed at the back and also serves as a parking camera.

I've added these 2 links to the playlist and now, when necessary, I turn on the video.

It is also possible to connect this camera to video surveillance, for example it works perfectly with iSpy64 program, you need to add the camera H264 and enter URL rtsp://

 set up alarm conditions - movement, sound and home surveillance. The program can notify the user in case of alarm.

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    That is seriously good information. I was looking for this and stumbled on this thread. Can you please advise (if known to you) about how to access rear camera andif this would work with A800s too?
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  • Amicus 9 Days+
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    I haven't tried it yet, but I know that you must connect your phone to the camera first.
    It's good for using while you are inside your car.
    It would be great if camera could work in client mode and connect to WiFi router.
    That way I could access camera from anywhere by creating pirt forwarding on my router.
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