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My Dash Camp Pro does not mount securely to the GPS module. I continually have to press down on the camera for it to make connection. I have sent an email to support but received no response. How do I get this resolved?

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  • 70mai 25 Days+
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    We're so sorry about this situation. Please contact your seller to replace GPS. If you need any help, please contact us again.
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    I was one of the backers from the Indiegogo campaign so I guess you are the seller.
  • 70mai 20 Days+
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    M-DRV_1520551152630 I was one of the backers from the Indiegogo campaign so I guess you are the seller.
    Please provide your contribution ID.
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    My contribution ID is 2922
  • Pavol Kišš 17 Days+
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    I experience same loose fit CAM to GPS module. Not big problem for now.  
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    I am experiencing the same thing, ADAS will not work until I press down the camera
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    It has been 2 weeks since I responded with the contribution ID and I have not heard anything.
  • azuanmuda 4 Days+
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    I’am also facing same problem. 
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    Same problem here
  • nexon dash cam 4 Days+
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    This is a common problem and a design flaw. Connection does not secure via lock but rather totally depends on gravity when se slide it in the gps module. On a small bump though, it disconnects and you have to press down on it to secure it again. I have attached a spring running from roof till the dashcam so it keeps pushing it down as a temp solution to this.
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    nexon dash cam This is a common problem and a design flaw. Connection does not secure via lock but rather totally d ...
    I put 3M silicone tape between GPS module and Dashcam.. problem solve... 
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