Stop motion or low frame rate settings Parking surveillance Suggestions

Can you please update and add options to set lower framerate in nights or parking surveillance, and on sudden movment it immidiatly records a movie in normal/good quality. It will also help in keeping the whole movment of somebody before starting his acts with the car. 

Also if possible to set 1fps / 5fps / 10fps / 15 fps /30fps for videos. That will also save a huge memory. 

Thank you

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    That would be awesome
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    Tho is good we paid extra for the "PRO" version on which no time lapse or voice  commamds are working now
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    M-DRV_1570864731732 Tho is good we paid extra for the "PRO" version on which no time lapse or voice commamds ...
    I think those extra was for ADAS (it was impressive on few initial days), Defogging (there is no snow in my region) but still these both are good. .. but what happened with your camera? why voice commands are not working did you upgrade? if so then don't worry, it is only software issue should be fixed soon. And were there any time lapse before? I bought 2 months back the pro one, didn't get any timelapse. 
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    I wonder why I would want to set 1fps / 5fps / 10fps / 15 fps /30fps for parking survelliance video. Dash Cam is event driven device so when nothing happens to the car during parking then nothing is recorded. 
    When something happens to the car then Dash Cam should record the whole event in the highest possible quality. Increasing from 1fps at idle time to 30fps at sudden movement is (in my opinion) overcomplicating.

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