[Suggestion] Give us the option to hardcode the speed into the video export Speed and location Suggestions

Pats Dashcam 1 Months+ 251

My suggestion is basically the title:

right now you can see your speed only in the app. Give us the option to hardcode the visual of the speed into the video when exporting. Would be a great feature.

Who's with me on this one? Let's give this some attention.

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  • gidano 26 Days+
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    Give us the option to hardcode the visual of the speed into the video when exporting. Would be a great feature.
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    I am  with you!!
    its a good attention
    70mai attention please
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    I am  with you!!
    its a good suggestion
    70mai attention please
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  • 70mai 5 Days+
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    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback!
    I will convey this advice to our product manager.
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