【Firmware Update】Version 1.0.1 ww for 70mai Dash Cam Lite Officially Launched. Guidance

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1.0.1 ww firmware for 70mai Dash Cam Lite launched officially! 

This update modified GPS watermark style, added more languages and fixed other bugs.

Please follow the steps below to perform Dash Cam Lite firmware update.

(1) Open the 70mai app and click   in the top left corner of the homepage to enter the personal center.

(2) Click “My Device” to enter the device list and find the Dash Cam Lite name. If there is a firmware update, you will see a small red dot to the right of the name. Click the name to enter the detail page and click “Firmware Update”“Download New Firmware Version”.

Note: Firmware download requires disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection to the Dash Cam Lite.

(3) After the download is completed, return to the homepage and click “Connect Device” to reconnect the Dash Cam Lite. After entering the preview screen, there will be a prompt “Available update package detected. Push it to the Dash Cam Pro?” Click “Push” and then connect the Dash Cam Lite Wi-Fi to complete the push.

(4) After the Dash Cam Lite receives the update package, complete the update in the Dash Cam Lite screen.

Note: The Dash Cam Lite should be connected to an external power supply during the update.

(5) After the update is completed, you can delete the local firmware package by clicking  in the upper right corner of the firmware update page.

Six languages available: English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese.

1.Set language on Dash Cam Lite

2. Set on 70mai APP

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  • M-DRV_1567413486597 11 Months+
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    Can you post a changelog for the firmware update?
    11 Months+
  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    M-DRV_1567413486597 Can you post a changelog for the firmware update?
    1.Modified GPS watermark style.
    2.Added support for Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese.
    3.Fixed other bugs.
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567413486597 11 Months+
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    The Android app still shows 1.0.0 as the latest available version, even after clearing cache.

    Do you plan to add other languages? I can offer help with translating to Polish. :)
    11 Months+
  • Mricha.Med 11 Months+
    1 Quote 5Floor
    There option to change recording duration!! Pleaaaase we need it on 70mai Pro, and also Modified GPS watermark style and option to remove logo :p
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567672883689 11 Months+
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    Please link to download new firmware.
    The Android app still shows 1.0.0 as the latest available version, even after clearing cache.
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1563472516573 11 Months+
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    can you ask to correct the error reset time after 12 hours register is not included I think it's not the battery, the GPS seems to sync time to gps crookedly works
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 11 Months+
    1 Quote 8Floor
    In my case time sync with GPS move my DVR in future for 5 hours and creates file with name also with 5 hours shift.
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 11 Months+
    1 Quote 9Floor
    For example: my real time right now is 11:42 but DVR shows 16:42.
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1563472516573 11 Months+
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    For example: my real time right now is 11:42 but DVR shows 16:42. I have the same thing when they fix it?
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 11 Months+
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    As I can see difference form my time zone and time zone of Honkong exactly 5 hours the same as shift.
    11 Months+
  • M-DRV_1563472516573 10 Months+
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    Ув где обновление 1.1не качается когда исправите время?по чему поддержка молчит
    10 Months+
  • Alexander 10 Months+
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    An impudence that lite can do more than Pro.  You since money rip-off brings out 100 models instead of improving existing ones.  Why can Lite suddenly use multiple languages and other features, and not Pro?  Why can one use Russian voice control on cheaper devices and not on Pro?  From now on I will advise against anyone buying your products.

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 10 Months+
    0 Quote 14Floor
    M-DRV_1563472516573 Ув где обновление 1.1не качается когда исправите время?по чему поддержка молчит

    Десять минут назад приложение показало,что есть обновление 1.0.1 и дало обновить.

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1568027620002 10 Months+
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    Spread multi-language firmware. Version 1.0.1. You can flash it manually. Instructions in the archive with firmware. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cy1fV1s_ORDi-73uIKQRO3FgvIyd-N26

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1563472516573 10 Months+
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      в  лайте  есть   головое  управление?подскажите
    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 10 Months+
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    M-DRV_1563472516573 в лайте есть головое управление?подскажите
    10 Months+
  • 70mai 10 Months+
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    Mricha.Med There option to change recording duration!! Pleaaaase we need it on 70mai Pro, and also Modified GPS ...

    We will synchronize these new features to Smart Dash Cam Pro by updating firmware in next few months, please don't worry.

    最后于 10 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
    10 Months+
  • 70mai 10 Months+
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    M-DRV_1567845422465 In my case time sync with GPS move my DVR in future for 5 hours and creates file with name also with ...
    We're so sorry about this situation, please update your firmware to 1.0.1ww.
    The new firmware will slove this problem. 
    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1567845422465 10 Months+
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    70mai We're so sorry about this situation, please update your firmware to 1.0.1ww. The new firmware will  ...

    Thanks but I already updated to 1.0.1 and now it works just fine.

    最后于 10 Months+ 被M-DRV_1567845422465编辑 ,原因:
    10 Months+
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    It already installed 1.0.1 Chinese edition.
    and I can not find any firmware update.
    I want multi-lang version.
    How can I achieve it?

    My current status is below.
    Firmware Version is 1.0.1
    release time is 2019-07-23
    70mai App Version is V1.3.2.
    9 Months+
  • 70mai 9 Months+
    0 Quote 22Floor
    M-DRV_1571513583297 It already installed 1.0.1 Chinese edition. and I can not find any firmware update. I want multi-l ...
    Which step were you stuck in? 
    9 Months+
  • 0 Quote 23Floor
    I have a Chinese version installed on my device but I want to switch to a multilingual version of the firmware. But the firmware updater doesn't show up.
    9 Months+
  • 70mai 9 Months+
    0 Quote 24Floor
    M-DRV_1571513583297 I have a Chinese version installed on my device but I want to switch to a multilingual version of th ...
    Please check your private message
    9 Months+
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    me too, i want change chinese to eng version
    | I have a Chinese version installed on my device but I want to switch to a multilingual version of the firmware. But the firmware updater doesn't show up. |
    9 Months+
  • 70mai 9 Months+
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    M-DRV_1571988720514 me too, i want change chinese to eng version | I have a Chinese version installed on my device but ...
    The language in your app depends on the language setting of your phone system. You can try to change your cell phone language setting.
    9 Months+
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    Dear 70mai
    They ask about language on Device, not on App !
    8 Months+
  • 0 Quote 28Floor
    I can not do it, please show it by video please !
    8 Months+
  • 0 Quote 29Floor
    70mai Please check your private message
    can you inbox for me FW , me too, i want change chinese to eng version
    | I have a Chinese version installed on my device but I want to switch to a multilingual version of the firmware. But the firmware updater doesn't show up. | thank soo much
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    Thanks for reaching out to us, sir.You can contact help@70mai.com for help if we can not reply to you on time.
    We can reply to you timely and efficiently in help@70mai.com. You can contact him to solve your issue quickly if the seller provides bad after-sales service.
    8 Months+
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    Hi, does anyone else here have the 70 Mai Dash Cam Light, it's the one with the screen and golden camera part. 

    I just got it and I am unable to disable the start-up / shut-down sounds. I disabled it in setting via the camera and app but it won't disable. 

    Any suggestions?
    8 Months+
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    「Version 1.0.1 ww for 70mai Dash Cam Lite Officially Launched」⇒ Unable Firmware Update
    私は70mai Dash Cam Liteを購買しましたが、設置されているFirmwareVersionは1.0.0で中国語しかサポートしないです。
    なのでVersion 1.0.1をしたいですけれども70mai app version1.4.0ではFirmware1.0.0が最新で1.0.1が検索できないです。
    8 Months+
  • 70mai 8 Months+
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    M-DRV_1575521177429 「Version 1.0.1 ww for 70mai Dash Cam Lite Officially Launched」⇒ Unable Firmware Update 私は70mai Dash ...
    Hi, we don't have Chinese version in international market. You need to contact the seller for getting a replacement. 
    8 Months+
  • 0 Quote 34Floor
    I have a Chinese version installed on my device but I want to switch to a multilingual version of the firmware (1.0.1). But the firmware updater doesn't show up. Could you help me?
    7 Days+
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