Cant connect with phone


I literally have checked everywhere, tried it several times. Tried on two phones (android, ios). 

Got the app, app asks me to connect via wifi. I do, it says "connected, no internet" then I get back to app and it asks me to do it again - gets me back to wifi settings... and so on, so on. 

Switched off smart wifi/data.

No other bluetooth devices connected.

I am lost.

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  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    Hi there, What's your phone system version? Can you send us some pictures about your connectiong process?
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  • M-DRV_1567114883317 11 Months+
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    So first I open the app, app asks me to connect to the cameras wifi, wifi settings open up. I choose the camera, and then i click on "<" to get back to app. I get back to app and... it says its not connected. I click on "connect' and it gets me back to wifi settings and heres the loop. 

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  • M-DRV_1567114883317 10 Months+
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    70mai Hi there, What's your phone system version? Can you send us some pictures about your connectiong pro ...
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  • 70mai 10 Months+
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    Please make sure you select the correct dash cam when add the device. '70mai_d01_BCF6' corresponds with 70mai Smart Dash Cam. If your choice has no problem, please send us the video of connection.
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