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Online manual of 70Mai Mini Dash Cam:  https://help.70mai.asia/640.html

1. What memory card does Dash cam support?
Dash cam supports microSD cards with a capacity of 16GB~64GB and a read/write speed of Class 10 and above. Some microSD cards with other capacities and lower levels may also be used, but we do not guarantee their effective recording. Low-level SD cards may cause slower writing and video recording errors.
In addition, please use genuine SD cards bought from regular channels. If you use a microSD card of poor quality, there may be video writing errors or damaged videos in the video list after for a period of time.

2. How many photos can be stored?

The maximum number of photos is 100. When 100 photos are full, the earliest one will be deleted.

3. Can videos only be stored for a fixed period of 1 minute?

Connect the dash cam to the APP - Advanced settings, you can set the recording time, optional 1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes.

4. Can I set up the dash cam on my mobile phone?

In the main interface of the Dash Cam preview, click on the upper right corner "..." icon, you can enter "settings"

5. How to update the camera firmware?

Please check it in 70mai APP, there will be a red spot displayed on the upper right corner of the ‘Firmware update’ button. And you can update your firmware following the below steps:

Step1: Tap ‘Firmware update’ to enter the firmware update page;

Step2: Tap ‘Download’ to download the update package to your phone. When the package is download, please enter the dash cam plug-in page to push it to your device.

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