Low battery for parking surveillance Parking surveillance

Whenever I turn the camera off, I get notified that the battery is low for parking surveillance. How can I fix it?

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    How long have you had the device?

    If its not holding charge, you'll most likely need a replacement.
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    anche a me succede dopo 10 minuti che ho spento la macchina. debbo provare a cambiare alimentatore...
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    M-DRV_1557413046335 anche a me succede dopo 10 minuti che ho spento la macchina. debbo provare a cambiare alimentatore.. ...
    you must use the red color usb port on the cigarette lighter socket

    usa la porta usb rossa su l'accendisigari
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    The same problem is here after installing GPS module and upgrade to 1.0.5na.
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