About IOS13 Beta Users Fail to Connect to WiFi(Smart Dash Cam) WiFi connection

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Many IOS 13 beta users reacted that they could not connect to the WiFi for  accessing dash cam on 70mai APP.

IOS 13 beta is in the test process so that most of the APP can't be compatible. We will update our firmware before IOS13 officially launching. And it will not be long before we update new firmware.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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    any prediction for the update?
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    Hi there, iOS 13 is already in public release, when and where to get the firmware update in order to fix WiFI connection issue? 
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    Any update on this problem?
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    M-DRV_1569028420432 any prediction for the update?
    We have released new version, please update your 70mai APP to 1.3.0 version.
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    Is this update fix the wifi connection problem on iOS 13?
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    70mai We have released new version, please update your 70mai APP to 1.3.0 version.
    I already have this version and it does not work
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    engcrp I already have this version and it does not work
    What's your phone model,sytem version and APP version? And please send us your operation video, we need more details to analyze this problem.
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    Please try to update IOS system to 13.1 version, this has worked on some user.
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    70mai What's your phone model,sytem version and APP version? And please send us your operation video, we n ...
    Iphone 7 plus, iOS 13.1 app version 1.3.0 even after connected on wifi the app doesn't connect on camera
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    iOS 13 official release - not working
    iOS 13.1 official release - not working
    Try not to blame the iOS. Its your app problem!
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    70mai What's your phone model,sytem version and APP version? And please send us your operation video, we n ...
    Video problem 
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    working for me now, tested on two dash cams. I'm on iphone 8, IOS13.1, f/w 1.0.5na 
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    If you enable in ios settings: “Location: while using” the app recognize the camera and start working again. 
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    M-DRV_1569468222807 If you enable in ios settings: “Location: while using” the app recognize the camera and start workin ...
    got it, actually they want to control us
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    upgrade to ios 13.1.3 is working
  • engcrp 19 Days+
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    new issue on iOS 13.2.  does not connect.  iOS 13.1 ran normally
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    I have 70mai PRO and the camera does not transfer videos to iphone 8 with ios 13.2.
    It only transfers photos from the camera to the iphone, video informs that it transferred to the local app album, but I go to the app album and there is nothing.
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    I already updated the camera firmware to 1.0.5 and yet it didn't work to transfer videos to iphone8 with ios 13.2
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    in video coding is in h265 also as suggested in previous posts
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    João Macêdo De Lacerda Junior I have 70mai PRO and the camera does not transfer videos to iphone 8 with ios 13.2. It only transfe ...
    Did you successfully download the video?  You can send email to help@70mai.com.  Ny colleague can solve this problem for you.
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    Dear Support
    I have a 70 plus PRO camera and the videos recorded on it do not transfer to iphone 8 ios 13.2.
    Only photos are transferred to the phone.
    The videos says the app that was transferred to the app album no longer appear.
    Video encoding is in H265 and 1080P resolution.
    Can you help me ?
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    João Macêdo De Lacerda Junior Dear Support I have a 70 plus PRO camera and the videos recorded on it do not transfer to iphone 8 ...
    Can you see your video in your 70mai app? You can see these videos, but can not transfer them out, right?

    Btw, do you know that after iPhone downloading the video, you need to visit 70mai local album and then transfer videos from 70mai local album to iPhone album.
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    I’m running on the latest IOS 13.2 version. Just purchased 2 new Smart Dash Cam. Tried connecting m, in Wifi settings able to connect to Dashcam but in the 70Mai app, it’s shown not connected to wifi. I have read through all threads and tried all possible self troubleshooting methods but to no avail. Is there any solution?
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    M-DRV_1572602916829 I’m running on the latest IOS 13.2 version. Just purchased 2 new Smart Dash Cam. Tried connecting m, ...
    I also have the exactly same issue with iOS 13.2
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    M-DRV_1572602916829 I’m running on the latest IOS 13.2 version. Just purchased 2 new Smart Dash Cam. Tried connecting m, ...
    @M-DRV_1572602916829 @M-DRV_1572756109958. Please check your PM.

    Btw, you can change another friendly name, these names almost kill me. ~0·0~
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    M-DRV_1572602916829 I’m running on the latest IOS 13.2 version. Just purchased 2 new Smart Dash Cam. Tried connecting m, ...
    Me too, How can i connect to app again? 
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    M-DRV_1545015492071 Me too, How can i connect to app again?
    You can send your email address to me via private message, I will send the guide to your email. 

    You can contact hel@70mai.com for help if I can not reply to you on time.
    My colleague can reply to you timely and efficiently in help@70mai.com. You can contact him to solve your issue quick if the seller provides bad after-sales service.
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