Hi Team,

Yesterday I have received this product with GPS module. Assembled correctly and enabled the ADAS feature. It calibrated successfully as well but I do not see the GPS info i.e., Speed or Coordinates info on the Dash Cam or the 70Mai App. Please advise.

Please find the attached images for the reference.

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  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    What's your firmware version at now?
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  • M-DRV_1565016707067 11 Months+
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    These photos are taken after updating it to latest version 1.5 or 1.0.5
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  • M-DRV_1565016707067 10 Months+
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    Hi Anyone can help.me in fixing the issue?

    The GPS information is not showing up on the screen before or after updating the software version to 1.0.5

    Kindly advise how to rectify the issue.
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  • Schrauff 10 Months+
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    -Your app version should be 1.2.0

    -Firmware on camera should be 1.0.5

    1). Do a factory reset, and set up again. If still doesn't work, try step 2.
    2). Download firmware and manually upgrade through SD card

    FW 1.0.5na + instructions (!!! English version only !!!):


    Quote from 70mai team:


    The speed and GPS coordinates are only available in 70mai APP album or when you replayed the video directly on the device. (Downloaded video does not display such information for now)" 

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  • M-DRV_1565016707067 10 Months+
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    Hi Schrauff, thank you for sharing the information. My app version as well as firmware version in the camera is latest. I have also performed a factory reset as well but no use. 
    I will try manual firmware update and confirm you back. Thank you.
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  • M-DRV_1565016707067 10 Months+
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    I tried updating thrice manually as suggested but the update got failed instantly. 

    So I again tried factory resetting and formatting the SD Card. But no use.

    However after driving the car for 10min, I tried browsing the videos, I have noticed that the Missing GPS info as well as Speed is getting recorded in the Videos. But in photos it is not showing up. 

    Till now I was under an impression that it will show the GPS info in the Dash Camera as well as in the App. But I see it is showing only in the App only.

    Anyway thanks for your quick response and advise. 

    I guess we need to wait for the support team to show this info in videos when we download it to our mobile.

    Edit: By the way my issue is resolved.

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  • Amicus 8 Months+
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    It's possible to extract GPS info from MP4 video to the SRT subtitle file. Video players then will show those data as a subtitles while playing.
    I have found some command line tool that can do that and I have made GUI for it.

    You can download 
    portable version: WinMp4Extract portable

    (Extract RAR archive, start WinMp4Extract.exe, choose MP4 video recording from 70mai dash cam Pro and click Execute GPS extract.
    Program will create SRT and KML file with the same name as the MP4 video in the same folder.
    Install version: WinMp4Extract install

    For GUI to work, you must have installed net framework 4.6.1. on your PC

    I'm the author of the graphical user interface (GUI), not the command line tool.

    最后于 8 Months+ 被Amicus编辑 ,原因:
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  • Amicus 2 Months+
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    I have updated program.

    You can read anout it on this thread: https://int-bbs.70mai.com.cn/?thread-356.htm

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