70mai stops recording after 3 minutes? Why SD card

I used 2 sd cards (SanDisk ultra 32 en 64 Gb) but after 3 minutes minutes the camera stops recording en stops completely. I format several times the cards in the camera and in my laptop but it wont help) The sd cards working perfectly in my smartphone/tablet. I use also the original Xiaomi cable and 12v plug, but everytime the camera stops recording after 3 minutes , there is no new firmware needed. Also i reset the camera pressing 5 times the button en use the little knob in the camera but it wont help. What is the problem?

最后于 4 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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    By the way the SanDisk sd cards are class 10 but write/read slowly 20 mb/s
    I used the SanDisk Ultra 32 SDHC and Sandisk Ultra 64 SDXC 

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    Bought another card Samsung 32 Gb Pro Enurance same problem camera stops after 3 minutes recording
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  • DieselM 4 Months+
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    Maybe the camcorder is to blame, i use Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC 64GB Clasa 10 UHS-I U3.
    Try another charger with minimum 2A and cable, check the lighter socket.
    Try another camcorder, sorry was a joke.  :)))   
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    Lighter socket is not the problem everything else in the car is working fine by the lighter socket.
    I used new firmware (1.0.6eu) instaed of (1.0.8ww original) but also after 3 minutes i hear the little music and the green light goes out from the dashcam
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    also i connect a powerbank and i have the same problem
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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Does the indicate light flash red or the dash cam turn off completely?
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    4 Months+
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    updated to 1.0.8eu firmware same problem
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    for a 32 gb sd card Samsung Pro Endurance which file format do i need to format the sd card?
    fat32 or exfat and clustersize?
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    also strange !! by 1.0.6 eu and 1.0.8 eu firmware it says thats it up to date
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    i think the dashcam is defect. to bad bought it new. 

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