Windows player/viewer for 70mai cameras Speed&location disappearance

Hi all, do you know, which player/viewer can see gps information from 70mai dashcam videos?
Dashcam viewer is the best viewer for dash-cameras on Windows machine, but it cannot see GPS information from 70mai cameras.

最后于 11 Days+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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    Hello, The topic is known and the answer is on the page:

    The answer is:

    john | July 22, 2019 at 10:06 pm

    I have reached out to 70mai around July 12th using their website’s Contact Us form. Hopefully they will respond with useful info on locating the GPS data. So far I haven’t heard from them.
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    Thank you for answer. It would be great, if it works soon. :)
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    NO! Best viewer for dash-cameras on Windows - Registrator Viewer aka Datakam Player

    And it's - free.

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    I wanted to download this Datakam player, just for me it is strange, that there is no official website.
    Then I found warning:
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    It doesn't work on my PC, I don't know why. I can open the video files, but I cannot see the video, but only audio. Also map doesn't works by me. :/
    p.s. Author of Datakam player is dead. Therefore, official website doesn't exist anymore.
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    M-DRV_1563014183276 I wanted to download this Datakam player, just for me it is strange, that there is no official websi ...
    Official site -  Datakam branded here -
    Warning is actual, but I don'n know about any problem with this.
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    M-DRV_1563999501634 It doesn't work on my PC, I don't know why. I can open the video files, but I cannot see the video,  ...

    By default enabled very fast and functional internal h.264 splitter. If you want to use h.265 video - choose in top menu "Playback->Splitters->Use preinstalled ()from DirectShow". Maps olso works, but only Yandex and Bing. And it possible to patch for google maps -

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    Tnx for helping, but it doesn't works again. Can you tell me which codec you have on PC? With k-lite doesn't work.

    Also, GPS information cannot be loaded.

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    I use K-Lite Codec Pack Mega -

    and check settings

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    Please how you get GPS data into APP?
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    M-DRV_1579121425335 Please how you get GPS data into APP?
    See this thread:
    There is a solution for Windows and for Linux.
    7 Days+
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