Webcam not turn on Black screen


 After a few days webcam not turn on. I tested 3 power cables and webcam still not turn on. These cables are ok. I have reset many times, checked two microSD cards and still the same.

I do not know what's going on with wabcam. 

My videos:

Thank you  

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    Hello, I have the same problem. Managed to solve?
  • M-DRV_1571920093437 11 Months+
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    the same problem after 10 month of working
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  • 70mai 11 Months+
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    M-DRV_1571920093437 the same problem after 10 month of working
    Could you please give me the info as the form below and sent it to me via

    · Product Name:
    · SN Number:
    · Firmware version:
    · cell phone system:
    · How long did you use?
    · Problem description:
    · Please take a short video and attach it to the reply if you are available.

    I can solve your issue directly with the info above, looking forward to hearing from you.
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  • M-DRV_1571920093437 10 Months+
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    70mai Could you please give me the info as the form below and sent it to me via · Produ ...
    how much time I must wait you solve the issue?
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  • M-DRV_1573226073377 10 Months+
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    This is an open community / forum where anyone can ask others for advice.
    Warranty and complaint matters should rather be dealt directly with the seller. In my opinion, this forum should not be used for such correspondence.
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