iPhone export Video problem

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Hello, i had car accident and i have to transfer my footage from cam to pc. 

For the first time i wanted to export video.

I downloaded footage to "my videos" section but when i try to export it it says "Couldn't export to system album" 

iPhone 5s 

I read already about this problem and its about codec yes? But i cant go back in time and change codec so i can download this file... I need this and i have it on my phone but how can i export this to my pc? 

Its just weird how unstable this app is on iphone. I have file, i have app, i have camera and who cares which codec is it, i dont want to watch it on my phone, i want to just export it like any other file (which should be possible to do like every other files jar zip etc.)

Please help! 

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    You can try to change the video code to H.254 in "advance settings". If you set H.265, your phone need to be iphone 7, ios 11above.
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