Voice control not working Video problem

Hi there I recently buy a new 70 mai smart dash cam, everything is ok but the voice control isn't working.

I tried with all commands but nothing.

The firmware version is 1.2


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  • 70mai 10 Months+
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    Really sorry about the inconvenience. Make sure you voice control settings be power on, and you can set it on latest 70mai APP. Try to make your pronunciation accurate and loud.
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  • Nacho Casaretto 10 Months+
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    in the configuration inside the app does not appear anything related to "voice control" can you tell me how I set it on?
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  • Suz 10 Months+
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    I have the same issue. Voice Controls don't work on my 70mai Dashcam Pro. And I don't see any Settings related to it on the app.
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    you are lucky, my voice control works and i want to turn it off because it keeps turning sound recording on and off randomly. :D
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    M-DRV_1555795814068 you are lucky, my voice control works and i want to turn it off because it keeps turning sound recor ...
    Mine too, don't know why.
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    I have a problem, voice control is not recognizing my voice. I am a truck driver. Voice control working when engine is not working but when engine is turned on. Voice recognition is not working.
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