Apps 70Mai won't recognize iPhone X SW 13.0 connection WiFi connection


I have iPhone X with software version 13.00, it seems that the iPhone itself connected via WiFi to the camera but the Apps 70Mai doesn't recognize the connection.

I tried to delete the Apps, remove the Wifi connection including delete the connection and still 70Mai apps doesn't recognize the connection

What could be a problem and how to solve this issue.

Thanks in Advance 

最后于 6 Months+ 被70mai编辑 ,原因:
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  • 70mai 6 Months+
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     IOS 13 beta is in the test process. Most of the APP can't be compatible. We will update our firmware before IOS13  officially launching.Sorry about the inconvenience.
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    There is no iOS 13. Since you have a beta or public beta you can assume that there is no support.  So always update and hope that it will work.
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  • Sim Alvin 6 Months+
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    Same, my iPhone XR can’t recognise the hotspot connection after updating to iOS 13 public beta
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    There is no iOS 13. Since you have a public beta you can assume that there is no support.  So always update and hope that it will work.
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    I have to latest firmware, i am connected to the 70mia pro wifi but the app does not recognize that it is connected. It keeps asking me to connect to wifi. I have an iphone xr with iOS 13.1.2
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    Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..

    * Enable the Location settings of the 70 Mai app (This is the root of the problem, must have been disabled by the users while installing the app)
    * Forget the hotspot connection previous enabled
    * Activate the hotspot connection by entering the default password
    * Launch the 70 Mai app

    .... and boom the device connects to the app and the startup configurations trigger.
    3 Months+
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    not quite.
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