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I am new here and just finished installing the 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+.

I have tried quite some dashcams with integrated ADAS app installed on my Android head unit, but the apps are all crap. From the few days I have had the 70mai Dash Cam I must say it really functions well. I had no problems installing, calibrating and even updating the Firm Ware. Well done!

My suggestion would be to possibly add a sensitivity adjustment to the "Car Ahead Alert" in the ADAS Warning settings.

To me, and also according to many of the Videos I have looked at online, the "Car Ahead Alert" is comming far too late.

Also the Lane Departure Warning would benefit from a sensitivity setting.

If you could include these sensitivity settings in the comming Firm Ware Update it would be great.

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    Hi, I just read in another thread, that someone else think that the Car Ahead Alert is too sensitive. I suppose that the sensitivity of the alerts is a quite subjective and personal impression.
    A sensitivity adjustment possibility would satisfy the different personal impressions.
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