70mai Pro iPhone wifi WiFi connection

Lukas Gluoksnis 4 Months+ 611

Wifi feature is not working. I connected to wifi, but the app still says that its not connected and cant find the hotspot

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  • 70mai 4 Months+
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    Have you connected to another dash cam?
  • Lukas Gluoksnis 4 Months+
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    No, this is the first dash cam, with Huawei p20 it works fine, but I need it with iPhone
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    70mai Have you connected to another dash cam?
    iOS Version?
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    M-DRV_1559727276938 iOS Version?
    I have the same problem using the new iOS 13, updated my iPhone yesterday (official release)
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    I have the same problem using the new iOS 13. Please help me!!!!!!!
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    Are there any updates on this?
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    I have the same issue since I upgraded to iOS 13
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    Same problem !!
    iOS 13 connected to wifi, but the app still says device not connected
  • RR 1 Months+
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    Same goes to me. Please fix this problem as soon as possible!
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    Same problem here, running on iOS 13
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1559727276938 iOS Version?
    What's your APP version?
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1569011417560 I have the same problem using the new iOS 13, updated my iPhone yesterday (official release)
    Hello everyone, please tell me your APP version. 
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1569011417560 I have the same problem using the new iOS 13, updated my iPhone yesterday (official release)
    The latest version of 70mai APP is 1.3.0, please update your APP to the latest version.
  • Owen Den Engelsman 1 Months+
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    I have the same issue. Running iOS 13 on iPhone 11 Pro with latest App version 1.3.0
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    Owen Den Engelsman I have the same issue. Running iOS 13 on iPhone 11 Pro with latest App version 1.3.0
    Please send us your operation video.
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    same goes to me, Iphone X just update ios13, App Version 1.3.0, still facing the problem.
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    M-DRV_1569306438901 same goes to me, Iphone X just update ios13, App Version 1.3.0, still facing the problem.
    Please try to uninstall and install the APP again, and check your location permission is enabled.
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    70mai Please try to uninstall and install the APP again, and check your location permission is enabled.
    after uninstall and install back, location permission enable, now cannot add device because iphoneX cannot detect my 70mai dashcam pro V.1.0.5na. event i already reset to factory my dashcam. still no luck. any clue?
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    Could this issue be related to time of iOS?
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    M-DRV_1569082462985 Could this issue be related to time of iOS?
    it can be also, due to ios13 have bug some where, and there will be ios 13.1 will release.
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    Miracle Happen, after few time try and error.

    IphoneX ios13
    App Ver : 1.3.0
    70mai dashcam pro Ver : 1.0.5na

    Uninstall App, Reset to factory dashcam, forget device save wifi in wifi list iphone, reboot iphone, start over from a new fresh device. and suddenly everything back to normal. now is working well. 
  • 70mai 1 Months+
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    Please try to update IOS system to 13.1 version, this has worked on some user.

  • Owen Den Engelsman 1 Months+
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    iOS 13.1 solved the issue!
  • Pats Dashcam 1 Months+
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    Same problem: My phone says im connected but its not.
    Phone: Iphone XS 64GB
    IOS 13.1
    Dashcam 70 mai Pro (1.0.5na)
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    Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..

    * Enable the Location settings of the 70 Mai app (This is the root of the problem, must have been disabled by the users while installing the app)

    * Forget the hotspot connection previous enabled

    * Activate the hotspot connection by entering the default password

    * Launch the 70 Mai app

    .... and boom the device connects to the app and the startup configurations trigger.

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    still doesnt connect.
  • 70mai 27 Days+
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    M-DRV_1571583587518 Looks like have fixed it.. follow the below steps and the issue would get fixed..* Enable the Locati ...
    ........I just find that you two replied so much......
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    well, I am just replying to all same issues as mine.
  • 70mai 26 Days+
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    M-DRV_1567736072307 well, I am just replying to all same issues as mine.
    Yeah, exactly~ 
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