Firmware mismatch

Hi... anyone who can help fix this issue for Dashcam 70maia500s firmware mismatch?

After opening the app and ask to upgrade , upon reboot and got this issue. Then after this the hotspot for the dash cam can not be seen anymore and dashcam shutsdown



- firmware mismatch, about to shut down

- the firmware channel does not match the device channel, please flash in the corresponding firmware

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    Hello! I have the same problem. 2 hours ago I updated and since then I have been trying to solve the problem. I hope someone answers

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    Yesterday I pushed the update from app and it breaks my Dashcam too. 
    Today I was able to fix the issue but unfortunately after repeating the update process it fails again. 
    So please, follow the instruction below and recover your device, and then DO NOT update while we will get an answer from official side. 
    So, to recover your devices.
    1. Download the zip file and extract bin file
    2. Copy bin file to the root directory of microsd card and insert into the dashcam.
    3. Press the right button and power button together and release after 5 sec. 
    Hope this would help. 
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    I have the same problem,too.
    I tried the method of M-NA_400031605202040 ,It's Work

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    I have the same problem,too.
    I tried the method of M-NA_400031605202040 ,It's Work
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    Jest to wersja 1.0.6. Problem wystąpił przy 1.0.19.
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    Can someone share a download link for firmware 1.0.17ww?


    You can download the latest working update (1.0.17ww) here: (Thank you guys!)

    Direct download link:

    Not checked yet but the update 1.0.19ww is also ready to download at the linked forum.

    If you cant use the dashcam because of firmware mismatch try this method:

    1. download the firmware

    2. unzip and put it on the SD card (just in the main folder / no need to formating the SD card)

    3. put the SD card back in the dashcam and make sure it is connected to power cable

    4. hold from right the first button + the power button for (5 seconds) until you see the BLUE LED

    5. wait for the BLUE LED to turn off and the dashcam should restart and work now

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    I can't....No response after 5 seconds.
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