70mai Dash Cam Online manual and FAQ

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Online manual of 70mai Dash Cam:https://help.70mai.asia/310.html

1.How to update the camera firmware?

Please check it in 70mai APP, there will be a red spot displayed on the upper right corner of the ‘Firmware update’ button. And you can update your firmware following the below steps:

Step1: Tap ‘Firmware update’ to enter the firmware update page;

Step2: Tap ‘Download’ to download the update package to your phone. When the package is download, please enter the dash cam plug-in page to push it to your device.

2.How to reset the WiFi password?

Please try to click the power button 5 times to bring back to factory reset.

The initial password is 12345678.

3.If i can’t receive security code, what can i do?

The security code email may comes slowly, but it will expire 24 hours.

If you can’t receive it, please try logging in with your Facebook account.

4.I saved the video, why i can’t find it in my iPhone album?

Videos are directly saved in APP album, you can export videos from APP album to phone album.

5.Can i change the camera language?

70mai Dash Cam do not support the switch from one language to another one and may cause the incompatibility of the two versions.

6.The camera shows red light when the car starts and camera can’t work. When i pull out the cable and insert it again, it works.How to fix this question?

Please update the camera firmware to the latest versiom.

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