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I would like to suggest some features for the next firmware update for the 70mai pro. I have the 70mai pro with the GPS module and I actually have two 70mai pro dashcams I installed one in the front and one in the back of my car so that it covers the back and the front. It would be great if there was an option in the app that let's you adjust the camera in the back to a reverse dashcam. Meaning if you go backward the app shows the video in the app and it also changes the settings to only the stuff that a back camera needs so no lane assistant and so on. Also I am using an iPad as a screen in my car and the iPhone app is not natively for iPads.(maybe an iPad version if possible) Another point is you can't change the orientation of the screen of the live video it doesn't turn with the phone screen. Other suggestions of mine for a future version of the 70 Mai pro 2/s would be 100% an option for a second camera to have installed in the back. So two of the same camera can be synced to work as front and back camera. Another camera module for the interior so that you can see what passengers are doing. That is important for giving signals and so on. Other features use the impact sensor to be used to record automatically and emergency video while driving. Please als include better stickers and at less a second 3m sticker for the modules. Also make the cable longer by 1 meter of possible. And as the maximum feature maybe include a Bluetooth obd donglebthat actually shows in life time in the over view when someone gave a single as this can be read out easily from the obd. This would also help when there is no GPS in tunnels and the video than has no speed shown. 

So in summary update for current 70mai pro:

- auto-rotation in live video

- reverse camera option in settings so that you don't get double voice warnings 

- reverse mode when the car drives backwards the app automatically shows the live video of the 2nd camera that is installed in the back.

-iPad app

-record emergency video on impact with sensor that is used for parking surveillance 

Recommedations for future 70mai dashcam pro 2/s:

- 2nd camera module to record interior of car

- 2nd camera for back and reversing, sync ability in app

- obd Bluetooth dongle that connects with camera/app and records in an overlay necessary information like turn signal, speed (always have speed on camera even in tunnels, still GPS needed for coordinates) 

-make the GPS module be implemented in the camera 

- a little bit louder speaker

- touchscreen

- 750mah battery 

- 12v car plug with a turn off button some cars continue to give power even after you switch the ignition off so that's very helpful

- include better window stickers as they don't hold and include one extra 3m sticker(the one on the dock) 

- 6 meter usb cable

- a sticker that says  "this car is video surveillanced by cameras" 

- include a 16gb microsd

- make the camera connectable to the Bluetooth so that we can hear the warnings over our speakers if we want to but keep the speaker in the camera

- include a speed camera warning for stationary cameras

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  • M-DRV_1559727276938 10 Months+
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    I would be glad 
    1. If you could hide watermark / logo.  2. Download video with GPS data.  
    3. Change date format.  
    4. To be able to crop video or cut several tags together to be able to load them.  
    5. Watch Vidieos in slow motion.  
    6. To be able to zoom in on videos in one area.
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  • Çağlayan Çakır 10 Months+
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    And 1 from me
    -see location on map when open videos on phone app
    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1543933218659 10 Months+
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    Oh and what I forgot. SMS or app notification about parking events. So the camera needs a Sim module.
    To the other persons that responded I think when you take out the microsd card and put it in your pc it should have the GPS data on it.. Otherwise this definitely has to be added. The GPS map in the app would be a nice feature but I don't know where it should show the lcoation (start or end?) so maybe just the whole trip would be nice and you can swipe your finger thru the trip on the map and see the videos fast forwarding.  The current video player of Samsung phone let's you zoom in the videos which is great. So when you download it and have a Samsung phone that works. I bet vlc player also can do it. 
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  • Kris Murphy 10 Months+
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    great ideas but it would make it as expensive as BlackVue and personally I'd go for BlackVue dual channel one :)

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1561759989911 10 Months+
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    Implementable firmware fixes:

    - Make the ADAS volume louder as the speed is faster

    - Make the ADAS alert turn on the screen. Make the alert coloured.

    - "Motion detected from the vehicle ahead" its too long. Shorted to "Motion ahead"

    - Make "emergency/ saved videos" quarantine from beginning of current file, not start a fresh recording from time of the request.

    - Add Stop sign recognition and audible alert.

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1563478534426 10 Months+
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    I have been using a 70 mai pro webcam for a week and I have several suggestions for improvements:

    1) Connection to a PC via USB for file transfer.
    2) Integration of speed and coordinates together with the recorded image, as it is with date, time and 70mai logo.
    3) Display speed on screen during recording.
    4) Adding a resolution of 2560x1440 for encoding x264.
    5) Preparing an application similar to Azdome GPS Player, which will play video, and show the speed and location on Google maps.
    6) 70mai Rear Camera support
    7) Take a picture with one button, mayby gallery button (then gallery will open with longest press button).
    8) Emergency video taking 10-20 seconds before press emergency button.
    9) ADAS messages in other languages, preferably in Polish :)
    10) Menu in other languages, preferably in Polish :)

    I think that this could be included in firmware 1.0.6
    When can we expect it?

    10 Months+
  • M-DRV_1559128577291 10 Months+
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    Ну и фантазеры... Губу раскатали-то! Никто ничего доделывать не будет - просто выпустят два новых сратора с теми же недостатками...
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  • Kris Murphy 10 Months+
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    my suggestion is:

    MAKE VER.1.0.5 USABLE !!! 
    10 Months+
  • Çağlayan Çakır 9 Months+
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    One more:
    - Adas warnings need options to set only beep sound. Beep or speak. We need to chose. I thing beep sound more helpful than speak warning. 
    9 Months+
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