Video/Audio flickering


My issue:

Every recording which I play is flickering, constantly every 5seconds. Audio is garbage too.

This happens when I play the video from:

- 700mai app Album

- Google Photos

- inside Whatsapp

I mention that all recordings are ok if play them with VLC.

I suspect bad encoding.

The problem is annoying because you want to check the video directly from 70mai app's Album or maybe you want to share them via whatsapp with someone.

Any suggestions?

Firmware: latest 1.0.8ww

MicroSD: 32GB/Class10/100MBs

Pixel 6 - Android 12

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  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    Received your feedback. Since we encounter this problem for the first time, could you please send a short video to  us? Thus I can help you solve this problem ASAP. You can upload the video to googledrive and send me a link.
    5 Months+
  • vincent88 14 Days+
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    i have this problem too, i talk to 70mai and they told me to change the app i am using ..... its definitely a encoding issue.
    14 Days+
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