It's not being recorded.

1.0.9 version firmware was installed.

Hardware kits are also purchased and connected.

Parking monitoring mode is being used.
The ADAS function while driving is also working well.
The screen while driving is also well turned on.
Event recording that is automatically performed when there is an impact while driving or event recording that is executed with a button works well.
It is always turned off and recorded well only for a few minutes.

I wonder what the reason is and how to check it.
The SD card uses MB-MD128KA PRO PLUS.

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    Hello! parking monitoring must be disabled, then good. the new update is due to 1.0.9 bug.
    i have signaled this bug several times but it has not been addressed.

    As a comment I recommend look at the russian xiaomi a800 4pda forum for further errors
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    M-NA_6200000280202100 Hello! parking monitoring must be disabled, then good. the new update is due to 1.0.9 bug. i have s ...
    Can you tell me which list of options to change in the settings?
    I'm looking at the settings by connecting with the App, but there are many parking-related settings.
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    M-DRV_1642081185452 Can you tell me which list of options to change in the settings? I'm looking at the settings by con ...
    App: Dash cam settings -> Parking surceillance -> off
    In device: Video settings -> Parking surveillance -> disable 

    I hope this setting helps you too.
    I put version 1.0.6 back and it's still good here. Version 1.0.9 has faulty parking supervision.
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