PROBLEM with g-sensor -Parking surveillance recording mode

Hello, I have a 70mai m300 camera connected to a hardware kit. I have a question regarding the sensitivity of the G-sensor, because in the predecessor (70mai 1s) in similar settings in the same car and installed in exactly the same place, the m300 camera has a completely different sensitivity despite the same settings (high sensitivity to parking and collision). 1s was able to record a raid on small holes in the asphalt, in the case of the m300 you need to drive really fast on a very uneven surface, the raid on holes does not react "emergency video". I did buy this m300 mostly to use parking mode to avoid any car rubbing otherwise

To start the parking mode, you need to:

- hit the windshield with fullhand  (like 20cm from installed place knocking  turn it on)

-from a great height by closing the front hatch

Parking surveillance recording not activated:

- hitting and kicking the tire as shown in the video promoting the camera

-slamming the door like a pissed off child

-two people shaking the car very hard by holding the roof rack frame

While browsing the forum, I noticed that there are people who have the opposite situation, that even the camera can be activated when the door is normally closed or the wiper is used.

Updating the software version did not help.

firmware: 1.0.8ww

app: v2.0.2

With less important, but maybe valuable information for someone who can know if it is related to the functionality of the sensor, the camera informs you that the recording mode will be started after 5 minutes and enters the mode immediately after the message, at the very beginning of the installation it was recording normally for 5 minutes more from cutting off the "power from the ignition" and then entering the parking supervision mode.


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