A800S has added the functions of time-lapse photography and driving route

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Hi all,


Glad to tell you that we have added the functions of time-lapse photography and driving route in the latest firmware 1.0.10ww. 2021/11/09

At the same time, we’d like to have a brief introduction for these two functions.

Time-lapse photography:

The time-lapse photography refers to a special recording mode. In this mode the dash cam recordcontinuously in 1 frame per second while parking. And then they are  combined into several video files as time-lapse videos. When you play back themyou watch them at a frame rate of 30FPS.

The significance is that there is enough power provided while parkingThe power consumption is not only very low but also can record for a long time. In addition, it occupies only 1/30 comparing with the storage space of ordinary videos, so there is no storage space pressure in long-term recording. (Here is a time-lapse video recorded by 70mai official and you can download and watch it in VLC in case it is not clear enough)

Driving route:


The principle is that the dash cam, equipped with GPS modulerecords longitude and latitude coordinates and speed data regularly during driving.  

When you connects your dash cam with 70mai APP, the driving route data will be synchronized to your phone. You can view the driving route records that have been synchronized to your phone on the driving route page in 70mai APP. 

Best regards

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