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Dany_live 27 Days+ 255

hi, we all know that is possibile to add HDR and increase the video quality of this dashcam,

70mai promote this dashcam as their flagship product, but it is more like a beta for now,

i really hope that they will make it a really good product as they say,

70mai can you please tell us what's on the plate for this dashcam? 

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    They will ignore you. They are ignoring everybody here. Don't wait for that. It's not a flagship, it's abandoned device.
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    M-DRV_1636726792670 They will ignore you. They are ignoring everybody here. Don't wait for that. It's not a flagship, it ...
    i hope it’s not, because it will be misleading advertising, and there may be legal repercussions for this, i trust this company, i hope they don’t disappoint us
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    Dany_live i hope it’s not, because it will be misleading advertising, and there may be legal repercussions for ...
    So, have fun with waiting. As i have for 6 months :D This device can't have better quality, they said this somewhere...
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  • 70mai 21 Days+
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    Hi all, we value our users' product experiences and we did receive several feedbacks about the IQ. Now our product team are busying in find a way out. If there is a new process, we will keep it updated. Much appreciated for your waiting and patience.
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