automatically calibration

According to the online manual, the automatically calibration can be switched on. How can i activate this funktion?

System settings

  • System time: Allows you to set system time manually. The set time can only be valid when the automatically calibration time option is disabled.
  • Automatic calibration time: When enabled, every time the dash cam is turned on, it will automatically calibrate time once the the positioning information is obtained.
  • Device time zones: You can set to your local time zone in the beginner’s guide or in Settings. When the automatic calibration time is enabled, the dash cam will calibrate time based on the set time zone.

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  • Danil 12 Days+
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    There is no such feature in the A500s (70mai Pro Plus+).
    There is such a function in the A500 (70mai Pro Plus).
    Perhaps there is just a mistake in the online manual and it was copied from the previous model.
    12 Days+
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    Means, we have a device with high precision GPS which delivers date, time, speed and position by standard and the actual time needs to be set manually. How strange is that? Who did that?

    最后于 12 Days+ 被M-DRV_1633022345668编辑 ,原因:
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  • valengr 8 Days+
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    I did it in the mobile app while connected to the WiFi of A500S.
    8 Days+
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    You sync the time with the mobile not with the GPS, So time can be wrong. mobile can be wrong and the time set does not match your time in the logfile. Thats useless. Good example for bad firmware.
    7 Days+
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