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arozhk 3 Months+ 142

Good day. Can I connect my 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus + to my existing wifi network?

Like many others, I have a head unit installed on an android with navigation maps and other applications in my car. This device receives internet GSM and distributes it to other Wifi devices as hotspot.

I would like to install a 70may app on this head unit for use. But with this device, I cannot connect to ProPlus + and distribute Internet Wifi devices at the same time.

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  • AndrewTula 11 Days+
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    It would be convenient to connect 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus to an existing wifi network and view recordings from your phone or head unit
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  • Amicus 9 Days+
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    At the moment, none of the 70mai das cams can't connect to WiFi networks because they work only in access point mode. That means that they create it's own wifi network for other devices to connect.

    I have already suggested 70mai to enable client mode so dash cam can connect to my car's WiFi as my phone does.
    That way I could access dash cam without need to manually switch wifi network, which is dangerous thing to do while driving.
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