Camera is stuck on Blue light with no wifi hotspot even after reset WiFi connection Turn on&Green light

wagner 5 Months+ 593


my DC 1S started to act weird, the wifi hotspot is no longer available and its not recording anymore.

The camera is stuck in the blue light when turned on and nothing happens.

I've already tryied the reset with the powet button and the reset button, at both cases the light turns off for a while, turns on again on green but 1s later changes to blue and nothing more happens.

Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance.


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  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    Please click the link below and download "1S manual" and "EN/RU/JP/KR" to solve your problem.

    You can get back to me here if your problem is not resolved.

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  • wagner 5 Months+
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    First of all, thanks for your support. 

    Second, it did not work :( 

    Camera still looking stuck once i turn the power cable on it, even with the .BIN file on the SD Card (i tryied even to format it and insert the SD clean just with the BIN file inside but the result is the same, camera ON with the blue light fixed and no hotspot....)

    i wonder why there are 2 folders with the same files and 2 files inside each of the folders u provided (bin file and  lzm)

    PS: i tried out the ES version also, but nothing happens :(
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  • wagners 4 Months+
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    Any Luck? :(
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  • wagners 4 Months+
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    had to change my username 
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  • wagners 4 Months+
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    70mai Hi,Please click the link below and download&am ...

    Still waiting THNX!

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  • wagners 3 Months+
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    Did i lose my cam? :(
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  • 70mai 3 Months+
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    wagners Did i lose my cam? :(
    This is a hardware issue, can you get in touch with the seller? Your device need to be replaced.
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    70mai This is a hardware issue, can you get in touch with the seller? Your device need to be replaced.
    it means a new dash cam needs to be purchased, right?
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