Video quality issues, parking mode sensitivity issues, GPS speed reported with delay or incorrectly

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I purchased the dual version of the A800S in an attempt to replace my old Itronics ITB500-HD + Mini 0906S on one of my cars. I was keeping the ITB for parking surveillance and the Mini for better front video quality during driving. So I thought an A800S would be a good candidate to replace both and get rid of a huge pile of wires clogging my A pillar and passenger foot well.

So I installed the A800S the same moment I removed the other two. Here is what I learned:

- the parking mode in the A800S barely works. I have to knock on the windshield in the area the camera is installed to trigger it, if I slam the door or hit the wheels/tires it will not trigger.

- GPS speed update rate is terribly slow compared to any of the old cameras I had. the GPS module for the Itronics was burried deep into my dash and still did not have any huge delays. Sometimes I travel with speeds in excess of 140Kmph and the GPS of the camera will compute like 30-40Kmph.

- Video quality issues and interruptions. I purchased an SD card along with the A800S and I also have a few Class 10 cards around left from the other cameras. Two of them are pretty much new, I don't think they were cycled twice yet. Even so the videos pause or are slightly corrupted every few seconds:

The camera has the 1.0.0w firmware which I updated to about one month ago right after I installed the camera.

Are there any known solutions for these problems? Right now I feel like I upgraded to a totally unreliable solution from a perfectly working one even though it was only 2K@30fps + 2x 720p @25fps, not 4k @ 30fps like the A800S is.

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    Hello, I noticed the same issue in the parking mode. Sensivity is too low. Maybe software try to find specific patterns in motion detection. But i'm a bit upset.
    I've recorded a video ( private)
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    Hi mituc, you definitely need to contact the seller for getting a new A800S. The camera is damaged, and you need to replace a new one to solve this problem.

    As for the parking surveillance sensitivity, as there are too much car in the market. We are finding a new solution to solve this problem now.
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    A minha támbem tem um problema de video ,vcs que tem que trocar afinal o vendedor disse que vcs dava um ano de garantia,a minha tem 4 mese guardada esperando uma atualização,isso é uma vergonha.
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