The Solution of Upgrade Crash

Aimee 5 Months+ 3580

I'm so mad my cam can't work after upgrate, but i found the solution finally.

It's so easy, you just need update the firmware again by SD card.

You need two things, the firmware file and update method.

English Firmware file:

Russian Firmware file:

Update method:

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    With problems, but finally it worked and the camera got to live again, although, nothing to show GPS or speed
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  • Fiesta ST 5 Months+
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    I dont understand why a lot Dashcam after update dont works ..
    And Xiaomi nothing to say about...
    Its a SHAME!!?!
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    Thanks bro zhangyun. Its really helpful. May God bless you bro. :D
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    Fiesta ST I dont understand why a lot Dashcam after update dont works .. And Xiaomi nothing to say about... ...
    Why should Xiaomi say something about the 70Mai problem?  is not her product.
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    M-DRV_1559727276938 Why should Xiaomi say something about the 70Mai problem? is not her product.
    Você entendeu a reclamação dele.
    You understood his complaint.
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    Consegui chegar apenas no passo 5, mas agora não liga mais nada. Apenas acende a luz vermelha, brevemente.
    I was only able to reach step 5, but now it does not start. Just turn on the red light briefly.
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  • cid1307 5 Months+
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    https: // 
    Link does not open!
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  • cid1307 5 Months+
    0 Quote 9Floor ficou em chines!
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  • cid1307 5 Months+
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    I reformatted 1.0.5 again. The SD card formatting error remains!
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    M-DRV_1524502082133 Você entendeu a reclamação dele. You understood his complaint.
    70Mai is not Xiaomi
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    I'm having similar problems. My new 70MAI Pro arrived today and I went through the setup process. There was some mention of an update, I hit continue and within a few seconds it went dead. All within two minutes of opening the box.
    I tried zhangyun method of updating the firmware, but it didn't work for me, probably made it worse. Now I have no video, no controls and no functionality. Anybody know how I can reset this back to factory? 
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  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    cid1307 I reformatted 1.0.5 again. The SD card formatting error remains!
    The new firmware adds detection of the SD card. If the SD card frequently happens missing recording content, the camera will remind you to replace the SD card. Please change your SD card.
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  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    M-DRV_1561954758470 I'm having similar problems. My new 70MAI Pro arrived today and I went through the setup process. Th ...
    Please try the update method again. If you are worried about this process,  just in case, you can take a video of updating. If this still doesn't work, please send us your video.
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    After updated to 1.0.5 version, my device keep showing "SD Card can't recognized" and ask me to format it. After format, it still same. Please help. 

    5 Months+
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    I returned to version 1.0.4na and everything is OK. I am waiting for a revised version 1.0.5na or 1.0.6na
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    I think got several 70mai version. 
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  • DieselM 4 Months+
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    @Aimee, the links are out of date, you can reupload please ?
    4 Months+
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    Please can you re-upload the english version? Or point me out to somewhere from one can download the 1.0.5NA version?
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  • Aditya Sonawane 3 Months+
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    The solution for 70 mai pro Sd card issue. 
    Just follow the steps given in the YouTube video discription.. 
    Link is above... 
    3 Months+
  • dash cam pro 2 Months+
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    Somebody please can re-upload the English file and update? The link expired. 

    2 Months+
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