A800 suggestions ( currently is a joke that it's the flagship )

Hello, currently it's quite stupid or even funny the A800S is 70 Mai's flagship it's lacking currently:

Time-lapse/1fps mode which the Pro Plus currently has 

Route Logging ( the new one in the app ) the 500 for example is compatible afaik but not the top line model, doesn't make much sense 

Basically the joke is: the A800S is supposed to be the 4,K flagship carrying all belts and whistles but it has.less features than the Pro Plus overall

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  • 70mai 5 Months+
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    As for the time lapse:
    The Pro Plus only has one channel recording, which is easy to support the time lapse function. But the Pro Plus+ and A800S support dual channel recording, which will create massive heat. We are finding new heat dissipation plan now.

    As for the driving route
    We are working on adding this function to A800S now.
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  • Waldirph 2 Months+
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    Realmente a minha tá com problema de video ,ta ruim mesmo.
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    When does the driving route function will be available for this A800S ? is there any estimation time line for the release date?
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