GPS and speed no show and ADAS calibration

1. On video GPS coordinates and speed dont show. It's firmware bug? Today I upgrade to lastest version.

2.Few times I try calibrate ADAS, but allways failed. Look on screenshoot - is my camera install correctly?? 

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    You have two questions:
    1. ADAS calibration issue: I will upload a file for you to solve this problem.
    2.The speed and latitude issue: Please move your dash cam out of the car to check whether the GPS data can be received.

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    You can reply to me in this thread.
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    70mai You can reply to me in this thread.
    I check it - outside the car, nothing change. I already contacted with your store on Aliexpress where I bought the camera, the GPS is probably damaged - I upload videos on YT to show a problem. I am waiting for a response. 
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    You can contacting the store for getting a replacement
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