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I have just got my brand new A800s kit and it has focus issues.
In the lower part of the image the dashboard is visible and crystal clear but beyond that, the road and anything farer is blurry.
It is clearly out of focus and I think it is not possible to fix it without disassembling the camera if it is even possible.
What should I do?

Sample screenshot attached.

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  • 70mai 17 Days+
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    But the focus in car is quite clear, this might caused by the reflection. 

    You can rotate the camera for re-focus the camera
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  • 70mai 17 Days+
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    You can update here if the problem still there. I'm here to help.
    17 Days+
  • seb_a800s 17 Days+
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    find "polarized filter for a800"  i have same problem ( is not problem really ) and fix whit polarized filter, is normal. 
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  • 70mai 17 Days+
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    Is this phenomenon caused by the reflection?
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  • kopidoo 17 Days+
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    I will attache some other screenshots.

    It is not the reflection, the camera is out of focus beyond few meters.

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  • kopidoo 17 Days+
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    The image quality is much worse than other samples I found on the internet.
    So far I am very disappointed :(
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  • seb_a800s 14 Days+
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    do you have exemple link ? 
    14 Days+
  • Titan1um 14 Days+
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    I think that I save same problem. Not very clear image at distance. And a little bit noisy
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  • 70mai 8 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619865802165 I think that I save same problem. Not very clear image at distance. And a little bit noisy
    Can you share some pictures of your device image problem?
    8 Days+
  • 70mai 8 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619513832995 The image quality is much worse than other samples I found on the internet. So far I am very disapp ...
    Yeah, I got it. What is the firmware version and SN number of your device?

    You can send them to be via private message if you want to protect the privacy considerations.  
    8 Days+
  • Titan1um 8 Days+
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    70mai Can you share some pictures of your device image problem?

    When I try to upload here, I received an error. I hope that you can open the links.

    Take a look to cars and trees. Look like a low resolution quality.

    Not glued on windshield because I can't use it with this quality.

    I sent you my SN on private message.

    I don't know how to reply to your PM.

    8 Days+
  • kopidoo 8 Days+
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    70mai Yeah, I got it. What is the firmware version and SN number of your device? You can send them to b ...

    since I do not know how to sen image in PM, I have only written down the requested information.
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  • 70mai 5 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619513832995 Hi, since I do not know how to sen image in PM, I have only written down the requested informatio ...
    Yeah, I've received your message and will get back to you. I need to confirming some details with QA.
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  • Titan1um 4 Days+
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    But about my message, any news ? I sent you SN in PM and in a previous message, here in this topic few pictures with my problem.
    I think that is a main problem with newest batch.
    4 Days+
  • 70mai 3 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619865802165 But about my message, any news ? I sent you SN in PM and in a previous message, here in this topic f ...
    Yes, I've received your message. And I'm confirming with my colleague now. Some of the image which provided by you and 2995, is clear and some is not. I'm waiting the response from test now.
    3 Days+
  • kopidoo 2 Days+
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    70mai Yes, I've received your message. And I'm confirming with my colleague now. Some of the image which p ...
    I will send you a sample youtube vidio of the unsharp image and the wifi issue. Please cjeck the DMs
    2 Days+
  • 70mai 2 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619513832995 I will send you a sample youtube vidio of the unsharp image and the wifi issue. Please cjeck the DMs
    Haha,BBS support name change and avatar now. You can change another name. 2995 s kinda weird .
    2 Days+
  • kopidoo 2 Days+
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    70mai Haha,BBS support name change and avatar now. You can change another name. 2995 s kinda weird .
    I beg your pardon? What name and avatar did I change? What is BBS?
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  • seb_a800s 1 Days+
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    BBS is the board ( the website forum here ) actualy you navigate on forum board name Xiuno BBS 

    for change name and avatar, go here :
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  • 70mai 1 Days+
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    seb_a800s hi, BBS is the board ( the website forum here ) actualy you navigate on forum board name Xiuno BB ...
    Hi Seb, are you new here?
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  • seb_a800s 1 Days+
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    70mai Hi Seb, are you new here?
    hi, no ^^ 

    my topic :
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  • Titan1um 4 Hours+
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    70mai Yes, I've received your message. And I'm confirming with my colleague now. Some of the image which p ...
    Any response with this problem?
    4 Hours+
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