use the dashcam whit no battery

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is possible use dashcam ( A800s) whit no battery inside ( remove and disconnect ) because under the windscreen on car, on the sunlight is very hot, and risk of fire and use only by the car supply  ?

the time sync whit gps and all parameter save on the rom and not nand

again, is possible for the futur ( on all dashcam ) possibility to create the "song" folder on sdcard for posibility customise song, or create FTP accès by wifi for mod dashcam and share the modification whit member and 70mai for contiuous develope old product ? 


thank you 

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  • 70mai 18 Days+
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    1.You can remove the battery if you have hardwire kit. The disassembled device is not in warranty range anymore.
    2.No 70mai dash cams don't support mod so far.
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  • 70mai 18 Days+
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    You can try to do these customize song or mod if you want. It sounds so cool~
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  • seb_a800s 17 Days+
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    Hi, I know I wouldn't be covered under warranty if I took the unit apart, but your products are solid and I think I'll take the chance. I don't have the battery kit, just the cigarette lighter.

    can you in a future update allow FTP access to the device, to allow people to modify the device, with a note that you are not responsible in case of problems ;) 

    if you can do that, it will be good for you, members will be able to translate each other and you will be able to take the translations, improvements ... like xiaomi in the beginning who share the sources to make improvements with members.

    Currently, some update for a800 are proposed in modified version, but if you take back the hand on that, it could be done in an official way. 

    Do you have the language and audio files in english, it's possible to put them in archive and send them, I can do the translation in french. 

    Translated with (free version)
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  • 70mai 16 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619427882977 Hi, I know I wouldn't be covered under warranty if I took the unit apart, but your products are soli ...
    I will confirm the FTP thing for you.
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  • seb_a800s 14 Days+
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    yes thank you, i'm waiting your reply ;) 
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  • 70mai 8 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619427882977 yes thank you, i'm waiting your reply ;)
    Haha, this may take times. Cuz the developer need to decide the open source thing and the access permission thing.
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  • 70mai 8 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619427882977 yes thank you, i'm waiting your reply ;)
    Are you a programmer?
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  • seb_a800s 4 Days+
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    iit's not my main job, but yes I develop mostly in php/sql vba, that probably means I don't know your language. 

    but it could be a real opportunity for the 70mai community to have access to the source code to help you find bugs or improve the system, the languages, and other features like the shock sensor. 

    The russians have developed a good firmware for this. 
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  • seb_a800s 2 Days+
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    ok, i looked inside
    for traduction, is possible for you share this 2 folders and files.

    and you share whit dashcam user for helping you translate many langue 

    again, other idea for dev people, is possible for you add "activate ftp whit root user" on

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  • 70mai 2 Days+
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    M-DRV_1619427882977 ok, i looked inside for traduction, is possible for you share this 2 folders and files. https:/ ...
    You can change your username, so I can call you your nickname.
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  • seb_a800s 2 Days+
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    it's good for me 
    seb is my name
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