A800S watermarks cannot be disabled completely ??

70mai 20 Days+ 127


How can i disable/remove the "70mai" watermark from all videos;

and as well remove "date/time" watermark ?

Also how it is possible to remove the "GPS coordinates" from video, but keep the "SPEED" info?

As well the watermark font is low resolution (quaility) for 4K video, this could be improved.


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  • 70mai 18 Days+
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    Could you please tell me your firmware version?
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    It is  0.0.47ww
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  • 70mai 17 Days+
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    M-DRV_1618867798326 It is 0.0.47ww
    We need reasons based on demands to ask the engineers to develop options or functions.
    As for your questions:
    1.70mai logo do not have an option to remove.
    2.For users' safety, the date/time watermark can not be removed, and we will not support this option.
    3.I will add your suggestion to the list, but we need to hear more voice from other customer to make sure this request is essential.
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  • Titan1um 14 Days+
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    Yes, look like was a small picture but stretch to be bigger and now look like can see the pixels on the side of 7 where is this line / 
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